LP Executive Director in Washington Examiner

In response to a June 26 Washington Examiner editorial by Timothy Carney, LP Executive Director Wes Benedict had this to say:

Examiner Columnist Timothy Carney was a little unfair to the Libertarian Party.

Unlike the Democratic and Republican Party leviathans, we are a small organization with a budget of less than $2 million a year, yet we run hundreds of candidates in election years and generally get a very big bang for the buck.

However, because our megaphone is relatively small, we tend to get defined by our much larger opponents — who invariably paint us as utopians or extremists. But the Libertarian Party is much more focused on cutting government and expanding freedom across the board than on philosophical extremism.

Instead of listening to old stereotypes, I hope people will come to our website, LP.org, and check us out for themselves.