LP Monday Message: Rise of Libertarians? Overby

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Lucas Overby
Lucas Overby,
LP Florida
Candidate for U.S. Congress

I’m encouraged by the enthusiasm I’m seeing around the country.

John Stossel recently did a show titled “The Rise of Libertarians.” Here’s a link to part of it on YouTube and at Fox Business News. It’s not 100 percent positive about the Libertarian Party, but don’t let that bother you. Those guests have written very positive things about Libertarian Party candidates recently.

Speaking of candidates, a potential congressional candidate in Florida, Lucas Overby, got knocked down, then got up again. Apparently, he’s not going to be kept down. The only question at this point is, will he be a Libertarian Party candidate?

The chair of the Florida Libertarians, Dana Moxley-Cummings, tells me that Overby had been planning to run in the November 2014 general election for U.S. Congress with the full support of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Then, suddenly, the incumbent congressman died, resulting in a special election for the seat this coming March 11. With very short notice, Overby collected 1,589 signatures to get on the ballot, but fell a heartbreakingly 19 signatures short!


They still have the option of paying a $10,440 filing fee tomorrow. Overby’s campaign called me Friday at 6:45 p.m. begging for my help. I hate being the bearer of bad news and having to tell enthusiastic candidates that it’s unlikely you’ll raise $10,440 over a weekend. LP national headquarters gets requests for help, money, and more, several times daily and we just don’t have the resources to help everybody in the world. Besides, I report to a chairman and board, so all those spending and support decisions aren’t mine to make on the spot anyway.

As of a few minutes ago, Overby had already raised $7,580, which is $2,860 short, but enough to file if he runs without a party affiliation. So Overby will be running for Congress in the special election. The only question is: Will he be on the ballot as a Libertarian?

He wants to be on the ballot as a Libertarian Party candidate. If Overby reaches $10,440 today, he will be able to file as a Libertarian. I told Overby to call his doctor and his dentist to ask them each for $1,000. (Big help I am, eh?)

Sometimes in special elections we get a lot of publicity. This could be one of those races.

Do you want to see Overby be part of the rise of the Libertarians?

You can see his progress here.

And now my phone and email are about to get filled by more requests for help. Please respond to my fundraising pleas later this week so that our party will be in a better position to help more candidates and state parties with ballot access.

Yours in liberty,

Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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