Need your help

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I need your help for some upcoming ballot access battles.

I want you to help me raise $45,000 for this online in 45 days.

Please donate today.

The Libertarian Party is considering petition drives for 2014 in Illinois and New York, and possibly will help in other places. The Libertarian National Committee will be meeting in Dallas in early December to adopt a budget.

Please help me show our board members that you are standing firm with the Libertarian Party.

Robert Sarvis and his campaign team recently showed how much media and attention our party can get when we get on a statewide ballot. They helped turn the race for governor in Virginia from a meaningless bickering match between two Republicrats to a debate about Libertarian issues and solutions, and what it means to be Libertarian.

The Republican governor of Ohio just signed a bill that kicks the Libertarian Party off the Ohio ballot. It’s an outrage. The Libertarian Party of Ohio filed a lawsuit right away. They may need our help at some point.

Please donate today on this special ballot access fund page. The donation page shows how much we’ve raised, and I’ll keep you posted on our progress as well.

We’ll need to raise well over $45,000 for this, but I want you to help me raise $45,000 online in 45 days.

Please donate today.

Yours in liberty,

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee