LP Monday Message: Why Massachusetts should have voted Libertarian

March 22, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Like you, I am upset that the health care bill passed last night. Another huge expansion of government spending and government control is not good for our freedom or our health.

When I heard about the passage, I was reminded of the many hateful emails I received earlier this year demanding that the Libertarian Party make Libertarian Independent candidate Joe Kennedy drop out of the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race and endorse Republican Scott Brown. Doing so, “at this time, for this election, was more important than ever in order to save America from socialism,” or so they said. Even though Scott Brown supported Mitt Romney’s mandatory universal health insurance for Massachusetts residents, somehow electing a Republican, any Republican, instead of a Democrat was supposed to save America.

Even 30% of poll respondents on our website supported such a move.

I am proud that Libertarian Joe Kennedy stood firm and stayed in that race, despite the nasty messages and threats he received.

However, a lot of people gave in to that argument and voted for Scott Brown. What happened? The health care plan passed anyway. And on top of it, there’s now another big-government senator voting for things like “jobs packages.”

But if just 20% of Massachusetts residents had voted for Libertarian Joe Kennedy, I bet that would have sent such a loud message that it would have stopped this health care plan in its tracks. I think this is a clear reminder why we should all stand firm and vote for Libertarians, whether or not they’re in close races.

I watched just a few minutes of the debate last night on C-SPAN. I could not stand hearing Republicans proclaim in the same sentence that we need to oppose government takeover of health care, and also to protect Medicare! What hypocrites. Medicare is government health care too. It was the 2003 Republican Congress and President George Bush that passed the $400 billion Medicare prescription coverage expansion (that later turned out to cost over $1 trillion).

I was on a radio show this morning and a caller asked me, “Is there even any hope for America?” I want to thank him for asking me that, because I am reminded that America is still one of the freest and most prosperous nations on earth, even though that freedom and prosperity are at great risk. Things are getting tougher, but America is still a great place and our freedom is still worth fighting for even if we lose some battles along the way.

Somewhat related to this topic, we’ve had a poll on our website for a couple of weeks, which asks, “Which expensive government project do you support the most?”

Former Libertarian Presidential nominee Harry Browne used to say, “Would you give up your favorite federal programs if it meant you’d never have to pay income tax again?”

I hope you’ll go to the poll and pick the Libertarian option: “None of the above. Cut spending on all of them.” At the time of sending this message, that option has just 45% of the votes.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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