LPNY gubernatorial candidate releases tax plan, receives endorsements

Michael McDermott
Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott, the New York LP guberenatorial candidate, has received endorsements from several prominent individuals, including former candidate Jimmy McMillian of the Rent Is Too High Party, crime victim and political activist Bernhard Goetz, and former LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

McDermott is running on eliminating the state income tax, and giving back the average New York state taxpayer $4,000 of their own money.

Click here to view his video on ending the state income tax.

McDermott also recently participated in a debate with the three other New York gubernatorial candidates.

If McDermott gets at least 50,000 votes in next week’s general election, the New York LP will have full party status for four years and will save the party a significant amount of money in petitioning costs.