Maine Libertarian for US Senate getting visibility

Maine Libertarian Andrew Ian Dodge will appear in all six US Senate debates between October 17 and November 3 and participates in numerous candidate forums across the state. He has been featured in news stories that ran on the local Fox TV affiliate and Maine Public Broadcasting Network and is scheduled to be featured on the state affiliates for NBC and CW Television Network.

Dodge calls for reducing the federal debt, ending the government’s prohibition on gay marriage, and terminating the TSA, which he would privatize. He also aims to defund and close the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Education and the Federal Communications Commission.

Dodge has been endorsed by the state LP although he will appear on the ballot as an independent. The Maine LP does not currently have ballot status.

While voting for U.S. Senate this November, Maine voters will also have the opportunity to vote for a ballot measure which, if passed, will legalize gay marriage. Polls show that 57% of Maine voters plan to vote Yes on the measure. Andrew Ian Dodge shows his alignment with these voters in a short video, Libertarian Solution: Pursuit of Happiness, posted at the website. The Republican in the race opposes it, leaving Dodge as the only choice for a candidate willing to shrink broad areas of government.

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