MinnPost: The appeal of not being Trump or Clinton: a Q&A with Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

ImageMinnPost, an online nonprofit newspaper in Minnesota, ran an interview on April 18 with Gary Johnson, a candidate for the 2016 LP Presidential nomination.

“Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico, was once a golden boy of the Republican party. In 1994, he defeated an incumbent Democrat in a Democrat-leaning state and was re-elected by a wide margin in 1998. After the GOP’s sharp right-turn on social issues, though, Johnson left the party. He joined the Libertarian Party and in 2012 ran as that party’s candidate for President.

“Johnson thinks 2016 will be different. As the Libertarian Party’s likely presidential nominee, he maintains voters are more than ready for a socially moderate, fiscally conservative candidate and a candidate who is not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.”

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