NH Libertarian John Babiarz for Governor seeks Ballot Access for LP

Libertarian John Babiarz is running in a 3-way race for governor of NH against former majority state Senate leader Maggie Hassan and Republican attorney Ovide Lamontagne for the open seat vacated by 8-year Democratic incumbent Governor John Lynch.

Libertarians needs 4% of the governor vote to retain ballot access. Babiarz ran 3 times before for governor, receiving his best vote total in 2002 with 2.94% of the vote.

New Hampshire has no income tax and no sales tax, and Babiarz wants to keep it that way. He proposes repeal of the statewide property tax so there are no general revenues which become “a pot of money into which every legislator with a pet project sticks his/her hand.” Instead, he proposes to bring down government spending first; then charge user fees, but only on functions that require government intervention.

If elected, John Babiarz plans to use his experience serving on the Governor’s Efficiency Commission in 2002-2004 to immediately reduce regulations, especially in the area of health care; consolidate state functions and cut government spending. “This is the best way to create jobs in New Hampshire,” he said.

Babiarz favors a bill requiring judges to inform juries of their rights. This would give juries the authority not only to issue a verdict on the case at hand but to also nullify the law itself if they believe it to be unjust.

A volunteer fire fighter in his home town of Grafton, Babiarz considers himself pro-life but opposes government intervention in abortion. Married to his wife for twenty years, he advocates marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Campaign website: johnbabiarz.com

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