November 3 election results for Libertarian candidates

These are partial results for Libertarians who were candidates in the November 3, 2009 elections. We will post more results as we learn them.

In Georgia:

Karen Richardson was re-elected to the John’s Creek City Council.

Chris Neill, running for Mayor of Marietta, got 14%.

Richard Segal, running for City Council in Douglasville, got 41%.

Jeffrey Sexton, running for City Council in Leesburg, got 22%.

Kellie Weeks, running for School Board in Gainesville, got 32%.

Dr. Thomas Smoot, running for School Board in Valdosta, got 24%.

In Iowa:

Roger Fritz was elected Mayor of Roland.

Nick Taiber got 46% running for City Council in Cedar Falls. He advances to a runoff on December 1.

Bill Lynn was elected as an Alderman in Davenport.

In Michigan:

Greg Merle got 1% running for State Senate in District 19.

Andy LeCureaux was re-elected to the Hazel Park City Council.

Mark Byrne narrowly missed re-election to the Port Huron City Council.

Tom Hren got 8% running for City Commission in Big Rapids.

In Minnesota:

Christopher Clark got 3.0% running for Mayor of Minneapolis.

In New Jersey:

Ken Kaplan got 0.2% running for Governor. He placed fourth out of twelve candidates.

Daryl Brooks got 1% running for State Assembly, District 15.

Charles Green got 1% running for State Assembly, District 15.

Walter Luers got 8.3% running for Oxford Township Committee.

In New York:

Dan Halloran was elected to the New York City Council in District 19 (Queens). He was nominated by the Republican, Conservative, Independent and Libertarian parties.

Joseph Dobrian got 0.2% running for Mayor of New York City.

John Clifton got 1.0% running for Comptroller of New York City.

Jim Lesczynski got 0.7% running for Public Advocate of New York City.

Michael Sanchez got 1.9% running for Brooklyn Borough President.

Firma Shlimel got 1.9% running for New York City Council in District 7.

Roger Sarrabo got 3.7% running for New York City Council in District 39.

Noel Burke got 3.0% running for New York City Council in District 40.

Derek Sacerdote got 1.3% running for New York City Council in District 46.

Frank Benish got 27.5% running for Town Supervisor in North Castle.

Chris Edes got 4.4% running for School Board in Rochester.

In North Carolina:

Matt Drew got 27% in a runoff election for City Council in Durham.

In Ohio:

John McAlister was re-elected to the Gahanna City Council.

Kalin Stipe got 9%, and Joyce Early got 11%, both running for City Council in Lorain.

Spencer Phelps got 34%, and Angela Williams got 15%, both running for City Council in Marion.

Alexander Hass got 8% running for City Council in Canton.

In Pennsylvania:

Michael J. Robertson was elected Licking Township Supervisor.

Berlie R. Etzel was elected Ashland Township Constable.

Timothy A. Russell was elected Emlenton Borough Mayor.

Larry Allen Boyle was elected Polk Borough Mayor.

James Fryman was elected Victory Township Auditor.

Paula L. Meddings and Chad M. Roberts were both elected to the Houston Borough Council.

Susan Haythornthwaite was elected Auditor of Abbott Township.

Cathy A. Beeman was elected Auditor of Waterford Township.

Randall R. Schwabenbauer was elected Oil City Area School Director.

Joseph Duncan got 22% running for West Kittanning Mayor, and also got 10% running for West Kittanning Council.

Berlie R. Etzel, Jr. got 41% running for Ashland Township Auditor.

Christopher S. Morgan got 15% running for Venango County Sherriff.

Vernon L. Etzel got 7.7% running for Oil City Council.

Seth D. Fosmire got 9.5% for Houston Borough Council.

Demo Agoris got 29% for Houston Borough Mayor.

Donald Schwan got 19% running for Reading City Council.

Marakay J. Rogers got 2.0% for Judge of the Superior Court, a statewide race.  The statewide race extended the minor political party status of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania through the 2011 election cycle, as Marakay Rogers received more than 2% of the highest vote getter.

In Virginia:

Matt Cholko got 3.1% running for the House of Delegates in District 39.

In Washington:

Adam Baldwin got 49% running for Evergreen School District Director.

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