LP Monday Message: Help us Oppose Health Care Plan

November 2, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The Republicans had control of the federal government for years, and they used their power to greatly increase the size, scope, and burden of government.

Now the Democrats are in charge and they’re doing it too. Their health care plan currently in the works is a serious threat to liberty.

This plan is bad in so many ways. It will increase the size and scope of government. It will force individuals to buy health insurance. (Where’s that in the Constitution?) It will greatly harm, and maybe eliminate, the private health insurance industry. And it will make our health care system worse.

I’m not saying the status quo is good. Unfortunately, government intervention currently causes lots of problems with health care and health insurance. But this plan would take a bad situation and make it much worse.

News sources are saying there will probably be a vote on the bill in the House later this week. Not every member of Congress is sure what to do. I hope you will take a minute to call your Representative and tell him or her to oppose this bill. Mention that you’re a Libertarian who wants health care to be handled by the private sector.

To find the office phone number for your Representative, look here.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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