NY Times cites Libertarian Calen Fretts

   His name recently graced the pages of The New York Times – not a small feat for a young Libertarian challenging a well-entrenched Republican incumbent.

   The newspaper pointed out that Libertarian Calen Fretts was “chipping away at Representative Jeff Miller in Florida’s Panhandle,” the powerful chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

   “The Constitution was written with the intent to put chains on the government, restraining it only to a small number of specifically enumerated powers,” Fretts said, announcing his candidacy.  

   Fretts compares out-of-control government spending and national debt to standing in a 100-foot-plus-deep hole and digging deeper. “At this stage, cutting the deficit means absolutely nothing,” he says. “Eliminating the deficit is what’s important.”

   If elected, he vows to work to completely phase out deficit spending. Here are Calen Fretts’ specific campaign promises:

  • “I will fight and vote against any attempt to raise the debt ceiling.
  • “I will vote against any bill that calls for more spending than projected revenue.
  • “I will vote against any tax increases.
  • “I will vote to end continued military intervention in the Middle East and around the world, close foreign military bases, and bring American troops home to defend our own borders and inject their dollars back into our own economy.  
  • “I will vote to repeal every aspect of Obamacare.
  • “I will work to deregulate the healthcare industry so that the free market can drive down medical costs.
  • “I will fight to end corporate welfare and foreign aid, arguing that the U.S. must concentrate on strengthening its own economy first.”

   To learn more about the Calen Fretts for congress campaign, visit frettsforcongress.com.