Orlando Political Observer: Libertarians say Gary Johnson exclusion from Veterans forum “Shameful”

ImageFrom Orlando-Politics.com on August 29:

“The Libertarian National Committee has penned a letter to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America organization, asking why their party’s nominee, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, has been excluded from their forum, which will air on primetime television on September 7th.

“’The Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, is very popular with veterans and it is shameful for your organization to seemingly randomly deny the veterans you purport to serve the opportunity to hear from all of their choices for Commander-in-Chief.’ says Nicholas Sarwark, Chairman of the Party.

“Both Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP Contender Donald Trump are both featured on their website but Johnson is missing. The former New Mexico Governor has been trying to poll high enough to be included in forums like the one in question, with many voters unhappy with the choice between the two major nominees, Libertarians see an opportunity to make an impact. Messages to the IAVA have yet to be returned and there has been an outcry on social media calling for Johnson to be included. The decision whether or not to include Johnson could set the precedent on what other Media Organizations ultimately decide in their programming.

“’I look forward to either an invite or an explanation from your organization. I believe a great many Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans are looking for the same.’ says Sarwark in conclusion.”