Please donate — not for Spain, Russia tour

Dear Friend of Liberty,

By now you may have heard about my upcoming European tour. Next month I’ll be visiting with libertarians in Russia, Germany, Spain, and other European countries.

I consider it an honor and a duty to represent the U.S. Libertarian Party in a positive light to the world.

International travel is not new to me. I was born in Bristol, England, immigrated to the U.S., and spent many years working in Europe, primarily in Germany and the Netherlands.

I am looking forward to this global outreach to various libertarian parties and groups.

However, your LP Headquarters staff insisted that I inform you and the rest of our membership that the Libertarian Party is not paying for this trip. Additionally, I am taking time off from work, unpaid, for this tour.

While I think some Libertarians might want the party to fund an outreach trip like this, and would contribute for that purpose, that’s not what I’m asking of you.

Instead I’m simply asking you to make a donation to our General Fund.

Last month, Libertarians like you came through for us in establishing and funding our Legal Offense Fund. Many thanks.

Now I’m asking for another donation for our General Fund to help fund everything else we do.

Please donate today.

— Geoffrey J. Neale