Slate of Libertarian candidates in Anderson, Indiana removed from ballot

ImageA slate consisting of five Libertarian Party candidates running for various offices this November in Anderson, Indiana were removed from the ballot this week by the Madison County Elections Board.

The Election Board voted unanimously Friday to remove the candidates because their declarations of candidacy were not certified by the state party chairman.

A complaint with the Election Board was filed by Russ Willis, chairman of the Madison County Republican Party, alleging state election laws were violated by the Libertarian Party.

State law requires that local candidates be nominated at a convention and that ballot vacancies have to be certified by the chairman of the state party.

The applications to be included on the ballot for elected positions filed with the Madison County Clerk’s office indicate that there was no local party convention, and the vacancies were certified by Greg Noland, chairman of the Madison County Libertarian Party.

In a quote from a blog on on this subject week, Indiana LP chair Joe Hauptmann said that the process that was used to nominate the candidates has been used by the party for years.

Click here to read the article in the Herald-Tribune.

From Andy Horning, 2014 LPIN candidate for the US House of Representatives, in the comments section of an editorial on this subject in the same paper, “What’s not mentioned here is that Ds and Rs routinely violate their own laws, and it’s exceedingly rare that there are any consequences for THEM. We all know that, right?”

“In 2008, in fact, both Obama and Clinton should’ve been removed from the Indiana POTUS [President of the United States] ballot because of ballot fraud that was proven…and for which two Democratic Party officials were convicted.”