Slate: The Libertarian Chairman Explains Why the Romney Third Party Talk Is Nuts

ImageLNC chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on May 12 by Slate magazine online:

“With the selection of Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, a lot of disgruntled anti-Trump conservatives have been looking for a new place to call home. Some people think that the Libertarian Party, which is the only third party in the country likely to have ballot access in all 50 states come the fall, could be that new home.

“The current front-runners for the Libertarian nod are 2012 nominee and former two-term governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, antivirus pioneer John McAfee, and longtime Libertarian Austin Petersen. I spoke with Nicholas Sarwark, the chairman of the national Libertarian Party’s executive body, about what his party’s nominating process will look like, what Trump’s presumptive nomination means for Libertarians’ political fortunes, and the possibility that his party might be taken over by an anti-Trump faction of the GOP, as has been rumored.”

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