Sputnik features Chair Nicholas Sarwark’s comments on Clinton Foundation

LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark on Sputnik

“Foreign governments are prohibited by law from funding United States elections. But they are not prohibited from giving unlimited contributions to a charitable foundation that was founded by and maintains close ties to a United States presidential candidate.”

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Other comments from Nicholas Sarwark on the Clinton Foundation:

“While we applaud the good efforts of private foundations like the Clinton Foundation to help solve the world’s problems, when a foundation is funded primarily by foreign states, those states that pay the bills have an outsized influence over what work the foundation does.  When a state opposed to equal rights for women funds a foundation, that foundation may avoid bringing attention to women’s rights issues.

“A serious political party, like the Libertarian Party, recognizes that the best way to get money and influence out of politics is to stop giving politicians so much power over our lives. 

“Only Libertarian Party candidates will cut how much the government does, how much tax money it takes, and how much money it can spend.  That’s the real solution to get money out of politics.  The old parties don’t want to use that solution because they like being able to sell favors.”