Washington Post: Gary Johnson takes on Trump’s anti-immigration lies

ImageFrom the Washington Post on May 31:

“One of the most positive results of Libertarian Gary Johnson’s presidential run will be forceful attacks from the right on Donald Trump’s counterproductive and dishonest arguments against immigration reform….

“Now along comes Johnson, who delightfully and emphatically calls out Trump and the anti-immigrant crowd for, bluntly put, lying. He has deemed Trump’s anti-immigrant schemes ‘ridiculous,’ explained statistically that immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans and called Trump’s assertion that Mexico sends us their ‘worst’ people flatly untrue.

“As a former border-state governor, Johnson can speak credibly about the need to keep out the few troublemakers, about how the vast majority of immigrants desire ‘just to find jobs’ and about the toxicity of Republicans’ anti-immigrant language with Hispanic Americans. In his news conference after his nomination, Johnson called Trump’s proposal to round up 11 million people ‘incendiary with 50 percent of the population of New Mexico.’ He did not hesitate to call Trump’s accusation that these people are ‘rapists and criminals’ for what it is. ‘It is just racist,’ he declared.”

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