Weirton Daily Times interviews WV Libertarian John Buckley

John Buckley
John Buckley

The Weirton Daily Times of Weirton, WV interviewed West Virginia LP Secretary of State candidate John Buckley on September 21:

“This may be the libertarian moment, according to John Buckley, the Libertarian candidate for West Virginia Secretary of State.

“’I think it’s more than a moment,’ Buckley said during a recent stop in Weirton. ‘It’s not necessarily going to be the year of libertarian victory. It’s going to be the year when Libertarians got on the map in every state as a viable political entity — and the third party in the American political system.’”

“‘In the last two years, the West Virginia Libertarian Party has grown from 1,400 registered voters to just shy of 4,000 voters’, he said. This year’s state convention had 112 delegates, compared to 14 in 2014.

“‘That’s an indication that … we’ve laid the groundwork for significant growth in the state party,’ he said. ‘We’re a growing political party, and we’ve got a good message.'”

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