Introducing Sid Daoud

Dear Libertarian,

Allow me a few minutes to tell you about one of our best shots at winning a state house seat this year:

Sid Daoud is running for Montana State House, District 8.

  • This is a two-way race between Sid and a Republican.
  • There is no incumbent.
  • The win number is 2,267!
  • Sid is a 12-year Army veteran.
  • He and his wife of 28 years have 3 children.
  • Sid had good name recognition in his community before this campaign even began.
  • Sid is a very active member of his community.
  • Montanans for Limited Government picked him as the candidate to support, and not his Republican opponent.
  • The Montana Shooting Sports Association (much more influential than the NRA in Montana and the source for most of the 2nd Amendment supporting legislation) endorsed him over his Republican opponent.

One of the national party’s two field teams is helping Sid’s campaign right now.

To date, our field teams, Sid, and the rest of his campaign team, have knocked on 3,216 doors! They finished their first round through the district and are now knocking on doors a second time.

Sid says,

“The help of the field teams has been priceless. They tirelessly bring a successful method, expertise and enthusiasm that is remarkable and I am seeing the leap in positive results for my campaign. Additionally, they are all just great people, the kind that you seek as long-lasting friends! Thanks to all who have given to the national party to make this possible!”

At this point, it is a sprint to the finish line…Election Day!

Would you please help us help candidates like Sid in these critical final days?

As always, thank you for your support!

Alex Merced
Vice Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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