Drew Carey Joins Johnson Weld 2016 as Honorary Chair for California

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Drew Carey Joins Johnson Weld 2016  as Honorary Chair for California

Oct. 4, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Johnson Weld 2016 announced today that actor, comedian and television host Drew Carey has joined the campaign as Honorary Chair for California.

As Honorary Chair, Carey will speak out on behalf of the Johnson/Weld ticket and help lead the campaign’s efforts in the State of California.

Welcoming Carey to the campaign, Gov. Gary Johnson said, “I couldn’t be more honored. Drew’s support means a great deal to Bill Weld and me, and his willingness to take such a prominent leadership role is extremely gratifying. His voice reaches millions of Americans across all ages and political persuasions. I look forward to joining Drew on the campaign trail in California and beyond.”

About his new role with Johnson Weld 2016, Carey remarked, “Getting behind Gary Johnson was an easy choice. Gary Johnson is reasonable. He’s a real person. He’s a pragmatic problem-solver who knows how to govern.

“So I’m happy to join Gary Johnson and to campaign for a candidate, here in California and across America, who doesn’t want your money to be wasted or want your children put at risk in a needless war.”