The Face of the Libertarian Party of Kansas is Changing

From a press release issued by the LP of Kansas on May 2, 2017:

“The Libertarian Party of Kansas’ Executive Committee embodies the political middle ground the party has claimed for years, following last weekend’s State Convention in Mission, Kansas.

“Party leadership is predominantly female for the first time since inception with the election of the first ever female LPKS State Chair, Kris Logan (Lansing), Victoria French (Wichita) as 4th District Coordinator, and Heather Toot (Leavenworth) as 2nd District Coordinator.

“Perhaps even more surprising, all three new members of the party’s leadership found the Libertarian Party as disenfranchised Democrats or Republicans.

“LPKS State Chair, Kris Logan, said, ‘People shouldn’t be surprised our leadership is made up of both former Democrats and Republicans. As Libertarians, we know we don’t have to agree on all issues, we simply have to agree that we will not use force to make others live as we personally believe is best. That is what makes us Libertarian.’

“As hyper-partisanship continues to escalate, could the Libertarian Party be the common-sense middle ground voters are looking for?

“Logan thinks so, and she invites every Kansan disappointed with the establishment parties to learn more about the party of minimum government, maximum freedom. ‘The Libertarian Party has been the fastest growing political party in Kansas for over a decade,’ said Logan, ‘and I think that trend is only going to accelerate as both middle-ground Republicans and Democrats join us… not to mention all the Kansas Independents who simply don’t yet know that they are really Libertarians. Kansans are live-and-let-live people, and that is a core value of the Libertarian Party.’

“In addition to the above listed new officers, Ric Koehn (Cimarron) was re-elected to the position of State Treasurer.

“The 2018 LPKS State Convention is slated to be held in the spring in Wichita, Kansas. The party expects to continue the momentum with ever larger and impactful events.”