Featured lifetime LP member: John Shuey

John Shuey

The Libertarian Party has grown to today’s level because of devoted members such as John Shuey, who has been generous with his time, talents, and financial resources.

Shuey has been an LP activist and leader since 2005, a Liberty Pledger (monthly donor) since 2006, and became a Lifetime Member in 2011. He says that he was first attracted to the LP because he wanted this country to be freer for his children.

“There’s more than just voting Libertarian,” he said.

Shuey has served on the Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee, attended legislative sessions, lobbied against bills that would increase the power of government, and served on the Gary Johnson 2016 presidential campaign as the state finance director. In his free time, Shuey and his wife enjoy traveling and their two rescue greyhounds, Marilyn and Miss Kitty. John Shuey is a strong supporter of the Libertarian Party because he stands firmly for liberty.

Thank you, John!

If you’d like to join Mr. Shuey as a Lifetime Member of the Libertarian Party, visit LP.org/membership and select “One Time Payment,” then select “Lifetime Founder: $1,500.”

If you would prefer to stretch your membership dues out over the course of a year, email Development Coordinator Jess Mears at Jess.Mears@LP.org. She’ll get you set up.

As a Lifetime Member, your name will be listed at LP.org/libertarian-party-lifetime-members. Your membership will never expire, and you will receive a lifelong subscription to LP News. If you’d like to become a Liberty Pledger, visit LP.org/membership and select “Monthly Pledge” to make a recurring donation of $15 or more each month. As a Liberty Pledger, you will receive a special newsletter each month to update you on the latest news in the party. You will also receive a yearly subscription to LP News. If you are not already a Lifetime Member or Monthly Pledger, please consider joining one of these groups of esteemed Libertarians. Both are critical to the continued growth of the party.

This article was originally published in LP News, Feb. 2017 issue (p. 12).

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