Nebraska Bill, Making it Easier for a Party to Remain on Ballot, Gets Tentative Approval in State Senate

Laura Ebke

From Net News on March 29:

Wednesday, Nebraska lawmakers gave first round approval to a bill by Senator Laura Ebke that would make it easier for political parties to maintain a spot on the ballot. “Currently in…state election law, a political party has to have somebody poll at least 5% in a statewide race. This allows the maintenance of ballot access if the party has at least 10,000 registered voters and then they can run people at all levels and don’t have to worry about that 5 percent in a statewide race”, Ebke said.

The change could benefit the Libertarian Party, of which Ebke is the only registered member in the officially nonpartisan legislature. In 2016, the party’s presidential nominee got just under 5 percent of the vote. But the Libertarian Party has more than 11,000 members. The bill advanced on a vote of 30 – 0.