Great news!

Dear Libertarian,

I have great news!

Last week, I emailed you that we were close to having the best first quarter revenues in over a decade.

A generous donor had offered to match $5,000 and many members jumped at the chance to have their donation doubled and be part of achieving this goal.

Today, I’m pleased and proud to share that we have now accomplished that goal, and even surpassed another one…beating 2005’s first quarter’s revenues.

So, this first quarter is our best since 2004!

Thank you for being a part of making this happen.

As we move into the next quarter, we’ll be emailing you regularly about all the work that is going on in preparation for the November 2018 elections.

Much of that will be focused on ballot access. Ballot access work is one of the most important functions of our national party. It is about getting candidates on ballots, pure and simple. We’ll be asking for your help again to make big things happen.

Thanks for your generosity in this first quarter and for helping our party grow.

Lauren Daugherty
Head of Development

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