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Statue of Liberty

Help us reach our goal!

We are less than $7,500 away from our fundraising goal for this month! Please help with a donation today. Your contribution recruits candidates, trains them, and puts them on ballots!  

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Special Event - Lauren Daughterty

Conference Call: Learn how to fundraise

You are invited to a special conference call Fundraising tips for candidates, state, and county affiliates featuring LNC Head of Development Lauren Daugherty Monday, May 21 5 PM Pacific 6 PM Mountain 7 PM Central 8 PM Eastern Lauren is one of the most experienced fundraisers in the Libertarian Party. She currently serves as Head […]

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White LP Hat

Help the LP and get a FREE hat!

Dear Libertarian, Want to help make 2018 an exceptional year for the Libertarian Party? One of the best things you can do is become a Liberty Pledger. Liberty Pledgers are Libertarians who have pledged to donate to the party each month. Monthly pledges range from $5 on up. The regular and predictable income these pledges […]

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Great News!

Great news!

Dear Libertarian, I have great news! Last week, I emailed you that we were close to having the best first quarter revenues in over a decade. A generous donor had offered to match $5,000 and many members jumped at the chance to have their donation doubled and be part of achieving this goal. Today, I’m […]

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Dear Libertarian, As you can tell from recent emails and events, our party is in a period of growth. Our voter registrations are soaring, our candidate recruitment is booming, and we have great prospects for 2018 and beyond. Our fundraising has also been doing very well, as many generous Libertarians have been excited about this […]

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2018 Money Bomb

2018 Money Bomb

  Dear Libertarian, I have exciting news for you. Recently, we told you about a new hire, Cara Schulz, who has joined our team and is focusing on candidate recruitment nationwide. Today, I’m delighted to share more happy news: Apollo Pazell is joining our team. His mission will be to help campaigns and candidates around […]

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Join the LP

2,000 Libertarian candidates

  Key advances we’ve made in the last month include: – We funded the budget expansion needed to hire a Press Secretary! LP leaders are now interviewing applicants for that position. The new Press Secretary will be tasked with getting more media attention for our party nationwide. This will help voters have a better understanding […]

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convention floor

Key projects

  We are working on laying the foundation for big things for future elections, including 2018 and 2020. What we do now greatly influences our abilities to take advantage of opportunities later, many of which we cannot even predict now. Here are some key projects we are focusing on funding in June: – critical ballot […]

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Affiliate Support Fund

Dear Libertarian, Helping our state and county parties grow and expand is critical for the recruitment and success of our future candidates. Did you know that the national Libertarian Party has a staffer whose job is focused completely on supporting state and local parties? His name is Andy Burns. Andy helps Libertarian leaders and activists […]

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