Help LP Ohio get signatures May 8 Primary Day

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Please help the Libertarian Party of Ohio finish its petition drive on Tuesday, May 8 — Primary Day in Ohio.

The Libertarian Party has been conducting a petition drive in Ohio to return the LPO to the ballot after the Republican Party’s underhanded and nefarious tricks got us kicked off the ballot in 2014.

If we successfully complete this petition drive and get at least 3 percent of the vote for governor in 2018, we will be a qualified party in Ohio through 2022.

We are nearly done with this petition drive, but we need about 10,000 more signatures to finish it off, and Tuesday, May 8, will be the perfect day to do it!

Tuesday, May 8, will be Primary Day in Ohio. Both the Republicans and Democrats have primaries for many offices, including governor, so the turnout should be large.

If you live in Ohio, please help us petition on Primary Day!

If you live in a state surrounding Ohio, please come to Ohio to petition for the day!

If you can, please take the day off from work and petition all day. The polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

If you can’t petition all day, how about during the morning and evening “rush hours,” when the polls are busiest?

LNC At-Large Representative Bill Redpath, LP Executive Director Wes Benedict, and hopefully others will be coming from Virginia to volunteer petition all day in Ohio outside polling places, where nearly all the signatures will be valid.

Your volunteer signatures will help the save the Ohio LP and the Libertarian Party a lot of money that can be used for other purposes.

If you can help us (or are at least interested in helping), please let us know by emailing Ken Moellman at

We want to know if you can help us, so that we can assign you to a large polling place (they have differing numbers of registered voters) near you, so that we get the highest number of valid signatures possible.

If you say you can help out, we will contact you and email you the Ohio petition with petitioning instructions, so that you can be as productive as possible.

Please help us be the only third party on the ballot in Ohio in 2018 and to qualify for the ballot in Ohio through 2022 by responding to this appeal as soon as possible.