Putting Larry Sharpe on ballots in NY

Last weekend, Larry Sharpe received the nomination to represent the Libertarian Party as our gubernatorial candidate in New York!

But, one critical piece in all of this that most Libertarians aren’t aware of is that we don’t yet have ballot access in New York state for 2018.

“Ballot access” is political speak for candidates being allowed on ballots.

This is stuff that the national party works on all around the country, throughout every election cycle. We want Libertarian candidates on ballots in EVERY state. Each state’s laws and hurdles are different. Some are easy and the state parties can take care of it themselves. Others are much harder and need help from the national party.

In New York, the national party is partnering with the state party to jump the hurdles necessary so that Larry and other Libertarian candidates can be on ballots in November.

In order to hold up our part of the deal, the national party needs to raise and spend about $35,000.

If you want Larry Sharpe on the ballot in New York in November, please give as generously as possible so that we can make that happen.