Inspired by his mother’s legacy

Dear Libertarian,

Daniel Holloway’s introduction to politics was watching his mother take principled stands as a member of their local city council. He particularly remembers that she was the one city councilman who opposed an eminent domain abuse in their community. Daniel says, “She taught me from an early age that personal property rights should be protected by the government, not exploited.”

Daniel is carrying on his mother’s legacy today by running for Utah House, District 74.

He says, “For years the incumbent in my state house of representatives has not had anyone challenge him at the ballot box. We have not had the luxury of even a choice between two candidates. I became determined that I would provide a quality candidate for me and my neighbors to support this year.”

Daniel has pledged that if he is elected he will vote against any and all tax increases and will actively work to reduce taxes in Utah. He seeks to end asset forfeiture and licensing fees, fight against over regulation, and repeal laws. He also supports medical marijuana.

As part of this aggressive and ambitious campaign, Daniel and his team aim to knock on every door in the district before Election Day. Daniel’s campaign has benefited from one of the field teams hired by the national party to help select campaigns out West.

Daniel wants to thank all of the donors who have made this possible:

“Without the canvassing team [provided by the national party] my campaign would not be where it is today! They generated momentum, excitement, even more donations! I have some local supporters, but their time is limited, and the amount of voters canvassed by the team would have taken me and my volunteers a month!”

The national party is campaigning aggressively every day through Election Day, helping as many candidates as we can in as many ways as we can. We’re providing more candidate support this year than any previous election cycle. We are very proud of that. But it takes resources to do this…and to continue to do this.

If you haven’t yet pitched in to help with candidate support this fall, please do so today.

As always, thank you for your support!

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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