June 2019 issue of LP News now online

LP News, June 2019

The June 2019 issue of LP News is now ready to view on our website.

Don’t miss this issue’s registration information for our 2020 Libertarian National Convention, which is being held May 21–25 next year in Austin, Texas! You can visit LNC2020.com for more information about our convention Welcoming Committee, package types and pricing, hotel rooms, speakers, and more.

This issue also includes an introduction to our new Executive Director Dan Fishman and his approach to Libertarian messaging strategy; news about a ballot access victory in court for Kentucky Libertarians; an explanation by Mary Ruwart about how Libertarians can downsize government outside the electoral process; parliamentary procedure advice from Libertarian National Committee Representative Alicia Mattson; a look at how national membership numbers affect convention delegate counts by LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos; LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark’s agreement with Rep. Justin Amash’s criticism of President Donald Trump; takes on current issues like sex workers and abortion; news from state affiliates; and more!

Congratulations to the winners of our Presidential Debate straw poll and thank you to everyone who participated! Use the bottom below to view the results!