Libertarian candidate for Connecticut governor interviewed in ‘Daily Campus’

The Daily Campus, a publication of the University of Connecticut, featured an interview of Rod Hanscomb, the Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Connecticut, on March 23.

In the interview, Hanscomb discusses his chances of winning, cutting spending and making Connecticut business-friendly, his background as a business owner, and legalizing the sale of marijuana.

“Is it safe to say you’re a proponent of eliminating the state income tax?” asked campus correspondent Andrew Miano.

“I am 100 percent, actually,” replied Hanscomb.

“The other thing that people don’t realize,” he explained, “is that our second biggest category of spending is interest on debt. So, the state has $60 billion in debt, we’ve spent $2.7 billion in 2017 just to pay the interest on the debt. Now that ties in to when we implemented income tax in 1991, because before that, we did not have income tax…but once we implemented income tax, the state revenues went up, over this period, they went up $190 billion.”

Regarding the state government’s attitude toward business, Hanscomb said, “All regulations do, is they just start slowing business down, and so many of these regulations aren’t for consumer protection; they’re to protect certain special interests or certain voter block interests out there, and are not helping our economy….

“My vision of Connecticut is being the most pro-business state in the country — having the most entrepreneurial mindset out there, taking the regulations off businesses, lowering taxation and letting the private sector and the entrepreneurial minds and visionaries coming out of our universities set the tone for the future.”

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