Dear Libertarian,

When you look at your tax bill, do you feel like a slave to the IRS?

Republicans like to talk a good game about tax reform and fiscal responsibility but they are not committed to it. They have control of the House, Senate, and Presidency and if they wanted bold reform, they could accomplish it. Instead, they pass minor tax reform and continue spending on sickening levels. The recent $1.3 trillion omnibus bill is solid proof of that.

The Libertarian Party is the only party bold enough to champion real reforms such as abolishing the IRS or forcing government to live within its means.

Please be a part of this by running for office, becoming involved in your local Libertarian Party, or donating.


Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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When you pay taxes, do you do so voluntarily? Or do you do so because you are forced to do so?

If you don’t pay your taxes, what will happen? Will you be fined further? Harassed by the IRS or other government entities? Jailed?

The Libertarian Party is fundamentally opposed to the use of force to coerce people into doing anything. We think it is inherently wrong and should have no role in a civilized society.

Thus we think that government forcing people to pay taxes is inherently wrong.

Libertarians advocate for voluntary exchange, where people are free to make their own choices about what to do with their lives, their time, their bodies, their livelihood, and their dollars.

If Americans want to give money to the government for one reason or another, they should be free to do so. If Americans prefer to spend their money on other things, then they should be free to do that also.