Libertarian candidate for U.S. House in Montana participates in three-way televised debate

View of TV screen with three candidates from left Elinor Swanson, Kathleen Williams, Greg Gianforte all wearing suit jackets standing at black and brown lecterns, studio backdrop is projected, abstract large blurry US flag, label on TV screen is 'Tax cuts and the federal budget' (color image)

The 2018 candidates for U.S. House in Montana debating on MTN TV, from left: Libertarian Elinor Swanson, Democrat Kathleen Williams, and Republican Greg Gianforte (Sept. 30, 2018)

Elinor Swanson, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. House in Montana, participated in a debate held by the Montana Television Network on September 30. Also debating were incumbent Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Kathleen Williams.

Moderator Tim McGonigal had the candidates explain their positions on gun control, tax cuts and deficit spending, health care, the media, open town hall meetings, President Trump’s policies, immigration reform, public lands and fire protection, trade policies, the War on Drugs and opioid addiction, income inequality, prescription reform, and more.

Click here to watch the debate, which was cosponsored by Yellowstone Public Radio.

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