Libertarian candidates pledge to downsize U.S. military

bombed_out_vehicles_syriaFor Immediate Release | Thursday, November 3, 2016 |

Forty-two Libertarians running for federal office in 2016 have pledged to disentangle the United States from conflicts in the Middle East, cut unneeded military spending, close down foreign military bases, and bring American troops home to their families.

The candidates aim to reduce military spending by 60 percent and to cut taxes by the amount saved so the proceeds go back to taxpayers – not to fund other government expenditures.

“The interventionist foreign policies of Democrats and Republicans have resulted in endless war in the Middle East, which has reverberated around the world in the form of terrorist attacks and humanitarian crises,” said Phil Anderson, Libertarian for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. “Libertarians aim for a policy of peace and free trade that will make the world safer.”

“The United States will still spend more for military than both China and Russia combined, even after we cut it by 60 percent,” said Ed Rankin, Texas Libertarian for U.S. House, District 32. “This massive reduction in government spending will enable us to give back thousands of dollars – every year – to the average American family.”

Click here for the list of 2016 Libertarian federal candidate pledges. Scroll to “DOWNSIZE THE MILITARY”, then click “More” to see the list of candidates who have made the pledge, and the benefits and reasoning behind it.