Libertarian for state house ​Tom Howell drives a Libertarian agenda in NC Channel interview


Tom Howell

Tom Howell, running for the North Carolina House of Representatives in the 46th district, was interviewed on the North Carolina Channel.

“Any legislation we look at, any regulation we look at, we’re going to look at from [the] point of view: How does this promote an individual’s rights? And also how does it promote business’s being able to operate freely in the market place? We’re going to look at reducing any superfluous regulations that are there…,We don’t believe in targeting special industries for special tax breaks We think that the environment should be level…so we bring in lots of varieties of business that can compete with each other, and the best ones survive. That brings a lot more growth  to everybody in the state,…it allows us to continue to lower corporate rates, individual rates, property tax rates, sales tax rates, and make North Carolina the state where everyone wants to come and do business.”

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