Libertarian Gary St. Fleur rattling cages in Scranton mayoral race

Gary St. Fleur
A banner promoting Gary St. Fleur for Mayor
deployed in Scranton, Pa.

Gary St. Fleur, chair of the Lackawanna County LP, who has been working to bring runaway taxes, spending, and high debt under control in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is now running for mayor on the Libertarian ticket.

St. Fleur has spearheaded several projects—including a blog called Save Scranton, a ballot initiative to force the town into bankruptcy, two lawsuits against the city, a petition to block one of the town’s gouging taxes, and now his campaign for mayor—all of which are aimed at rolling back the city’s high taxes and forcing the city to declare bankruptcy, so that lucrative government employee perks and other expenses can be renegotiated.

Gary St. Fleur is getting plenty of local press, including this interview on WILK News Radio, in which he explains his lawsuit charging the city with overtaxing its citizens in violation of the city’s charter.

Read about his ballot initiative to force Scranton to declare bankruptcy here.

Visit his mayoral campaign website here.