Libertarian Party: Trump’s ‘revenue neutral’ tax proposal is taxpayer negative

By Bernd Schade - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
By Bernd Schade – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, released the following statement today:

American taxpayers get to take home just 54 cents on every dollar they earn, while federal, state and local governments take the other 46 cents.

What a great deal for federal, state and local governments. Not so hot for taxpayers. Crushing, in fact.

President Trump’s tax reform proposal that he partially-unveiled on April 26 includes cuts in corporate tax rates, death taxes, and alternative minimum taxes. Republicans claim this plan will be ‘revenue neutral’ after these measures stimulate economic growth.

But when politicians say their plan is ‘revenue neutral,’ what they’re saying to taxpayers is, “we’re keeping your taxes high. We’re not cutting them a nickel.”

“Drain the swamp” President Trump wants to keep spending at the same perilously-high $4 trillion water mark as President Obama.

Keeping taxes and government spending high means government will remain wasteful, bloated, and dysfunctional. It will sustain thousands of wasteful bureaucracies and failed government programs. It will kill jobs, diminish people’s freedom, invite more overseas meddling, and inflict stifling red tape on businesses and individuals.

It’s taxpayer negative.

The goal of any tax reform proposal should be to dramatically reduce the total amount of money in politicians’ hands.

Government revenue negative is taxpayer positive.

We need tax cuts that give back thousands of dollars – every year – to taxpayers. Cuts that substantially hike everyone’s take home pay so taxpayers can save for their retirement, pay off their debts, support their families, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and take care of their loved ones in need.

Politicians forget: the money they take is not the government’s. It belongs to the hard-working taxpayers who earned it.

Better than two-thirds of all Americans believe that federal government spending is way too high.

We must reduce total government spending enough to both immediately end deficit spending and enable huge, immediate taxpayer-positive tax cuts.

The only way to drain a swamp is to pump water out of it – not keep it at the same level.

The only way to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. is to dramatically reduce total government spending and slash taxes.

Revenue negative.

Taxpayer positive.