LNC executive director defends freedom of the press on RT TV

Television screen image of Wes Benedict on RT TV, text reads: "Live, RT, Wes Benedict, Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee, in Washington DC" (color image)

LNC Executive Director Wes Benedict on RT TV

Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Wes Benedict was interviewed live on RT TV (formerly Russia Today) on November 15, on the issue of the news outlet’s being required by the U.S. government to register as a “foreign agent.”

When their Moscow-based news anchor asked for Benedict’s reaction to RT’s being characterized this way, Benedict observed that many news organizations have a point of view, but that such biases don’t justify the federal government’s choosing whose freedom of the press to restrict or to protect.

Here are a few highlights of Benedict’s remarks made during the interview:

“I don’t know how much influence the Russian government may have had on the United States elections, but what I do know is that the United States Constitution is very clear when it comes to freedom of speech….

“Our constitution calls for free speech, and when the United States passes rules or laws that inhibit free speech of other organizations, that is a violation of our constitution, and it’s a dangerous direction to go.

“We [the Libertarian Party] are absolutely opposed to what the U.S. government has done recently, requiring RT to register as a foreign agent.”

Click here to watch the full interview.