Want a Libertarian alternative to Roy Moore?

The GOP is turning their backs on Judge Roy Moore, the US Senate candidate in Alabama who has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

Republicans are scrambling to find and back a write-in candidate but we Libertarians are responding that they don’t need to.

Meet Ron Bishop, the Libertarian candidate in the race.

Libertarian National Committee Ballot Access Committee Chair Ken Moellman says, “scenarios like the Alabama Special Election are why ballot access is so very important. The election is a train-wreck and the people of Alabama are in this pickle partially because of intentionally onerous ballot access laws meant to prevent voters from having other choices – including Libertarian choices.”

In recent weeks, our experts have shared with you our plans to achieve ballot access in Ohio and Tennessee. These states were strategically selected as part of our campaign to achieve ballot access in all 50 states (and DC) again for 2018.

With your help, the Libertarian National Committee can expand efforts to aggressively pursue ballot access in Ohio, Tennessee, and the other 9 states.

Our goal is to give voters more choices, which they so desperately need in races all across the country.

Please give generously to our Ballot Access Fund so that voters have more and better choices on their ballots.

And, please encourage your friends in Alabama to write-in Ron Bishop on December 12th.


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