LNC rep calls for legalization of flavored tobacco in San Francisco

Starchild at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Starchild at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Starchild, vice chair of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, argued before the city’s Board of Supervisors that the legislators should repeal a ban on flavored tobacco. His remarks were quoted in the San Francisco Examiner:

“Banning flavored tobacco products or any other substance people might want to put into their bodies is absolutely the wrong way to go,” Starchild said in the San Francisco Examiner.

“Look at the history of the war on drugs. Banning stuff … does not work,” Starchild continued in the article. “All you do is create a black market and that creates more opportunities for police officers to target people in … marginalized communities.”

Starchild is also an at-large representative on the Libertarian National Committee.