LP buttons a hit at PRIDE Houston Festival

Libertarians attend PRIDE Houston Festival on June 22, 2019

The Libertarian Party has fought for gay rights since its founding in 1971, and annual pride festivals are well attended by Libertarians throughout the country. Whitney Bilyeu, Libertarian National Committee representative for Region 7, reports on how Libertarians in Houston, Texas, brought their messages of freedom an equality to their local pride event:

Houston Libertarians spent the day spreading the message of liberty at the PRIDE Houston Festival on Saturday, June 22. Not only were our LP buttons a huge hit with the crowd, the message of liberty, and the history of the LP’s position on equality was very well received. Many came to us asking for more information about the Party, and quite a few stopped by to express sincere gratitude for our efforts.

Those who were moved by our foreign policy loved the white dove and America at Peace buttons. Others commiserated with us about taxation, and proudly put on the Taxation is Theft pin.

The most popular, by far, were the rainbow buttons featuring the porcupine and Everyone’s Rights Matter.

These buttons served as easy and fun ways to engage with the public and start conversations about minimum government and maximum freedom.

Those buttons and many others are available for purchase at LPstore.org.

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