Maine LP Files Declaration of Intent to Form A Recognized Party

The Maine Libertarian Party recently filed a Declaration of Intent with the Secretary of State’s office to get ballot access. To be able to place candidates on the ballot, the party will need to have at least 5,000 registered voters by January 2, 2022.

Below is a press release from the Maine Libertarian Party:


The Maine Secretary of State’s Office announced last Friday that the Libertarian Party of Maine is a qualified party, and Maine voters can register as Libertarians, effective immediately.

When registering, voters will need to check the “other qualifying party” box and write in “Libertarian” in the space below.

“Finally,” says LPME Chair Jim Baines of Hampden, “Mainers will be allowed to register with a party that represents their interests.  I’ve spoken with a plethora of people that are increasingly angry, not just with the lack of political choice, but the overpromising and underdelivering that have become the norm in American politics.”

The Libertarian Party represents fiscally conservative and socially liberal viewpoints, and will openly discuss topics often avoided by the Republican and Democrat “duopoly,” such as the crippling federal debt, wasteful spending, and endless foreign wars that don’t benefit American lives.  A nutshell of Libertarian beliefs, as compared to Democrats and Republicans, can be found at the Libertarian “Nutshell:”

“I didn’t know I was a Libertarian until 2012,” says Baines, “and there are far too many people that don’t know it’s a viable option.”

To maintain its qualified status, 5,000 Mainers will need to register Libertarian by January 2, 2022.

This year, Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen appeared on all 50 state ballots, but was forbidden from appearing in the presidential debates.  During the first debate, negative public reaction to the Trump/Biden interaction caused Jorgensen’s website to crash, due to heavy visitation.