Maryland City Council Member Returns to Libertarian Party

Muir Boda

Muir Boda

Muir Boda, a member of the Salisbury, Maryland City Council, has returned to the Libertarian Party.

Boda resigned from the Maryland Republican Party and the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee on May 17, and renewed his memberships in the state and national Libertarian Parties a week later.

Boda has been on the city council since 2015, and is the current council vice-president. He was unopposed in running for reelection last November. His current term ends in November, 2023. He also serves as the President of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Association of Municipalities, and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Maryland Municipal League.

“Coming home to the Libertarian Party is the best political decision I’ve made.  The two major political parties are built on litmus tests – with the GOP only accepting blinding allegiance to Trump, while the Dems continue down the path of Socialist ideals, which means I fail both of those tests,” said Mr. Boda.

“Muir’s returning to the Libertarian Party is further proof that, for Libertarians, it is not worth trying to work through the Democrat and Republican Parties to effect change”, said Maryland LP chair Bob Johnston. “Plus, Muir is a great guy and fun to have around. I’m glad he is back!”

Boda had been a member of the Maryland LP from 2010 to 2014, and had run for the US House 1st congressional district as a Libertarian in 2012.