NH Libertarian legislator discusses environmental policy with Planet Forward

Caleb Dyer

Caleb Dyer, one of three Libertarian elected officials in the New Hampshire legislature, was recently featured in Planet Forward on the issue of the environment.

New Hampshire State Rep. Caleb Q. Dyer is the leader of the state’s libertarian caucus. Before becoming a state representative, Rep. Dyer worked in landscaping and forest management. Being in that industry has allowed him to …gain real world understanding of the environment.

We chatted with Rep. Dyer shortly after Gov. Chris Sununu announced that his state would not be a part of the group of states planning to follow the guidelines of the Paris Climate Accord. The reason for this is that New Hampshire already has high energy prices.

Q: What do you think about your governor’s decision?

A: Although I have my disagreements with Gov. Sununu, I actually support that. I don’t really think that New Hampshire is in a position to afford those kinds of additional policies. A policy that is openly discussed in the Paris Accord is the carbon tax…. That would disproportionately affect people who heat [their homes] with carbon-based forms….

Q: Do you believe that the greater federal regulations and lack of free market control outweigh the good intentions?

A: I wish that they would do it in other ways…. As a libertarian, I resist mandates that act as artificial controls in the market.

Q: What policy can the federal government do that is environmental but libertarian in nature?

A:   The less money that the state takes from companies that are looking to invest in renewable energy is a good thing…. Until we are out of the woods with the federal deficit we are not going to be able to make much headway on things…like enabling investment in renewable energy….

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