New and improved

Graphic image of hardcover book in maroon with the text "LP" on its cover; two sets of grey square brackets in the background (graphic image)

The Historical Preservation Committee of the Libertarian National Committee is pleased to announce that, after hard work by several dedicated volunteers, is open and welcome for new account creation and use as a resource for party members.

LPedia is a collaborative wiki of the history of the Libertarian Party and will be the home to the wealth of historical documentation being digitized and preserved by the committee.  Please come, browse, and open your account.

The committee welcomes any party member to view its discussions and deliberations.  Its read-only committee discussion list is available by sending a message to with “subscribe” in the subject line. Committee Chair Caryn Ann Harlos can be reached directly at

Contributions are sought to assist in funding the archiving of voluminous LP records and to get them into the hands of activists, affiliates, and members. Please click here to make a donation today.