Libertarian parenting

Dear Libertarian,

Speaking as a dad I know first hand that parenting is plenty challenging and, arguably, libertarian parenting is even harder.

There are currently precious few resources that guide parents on the art of libertarian parenting.

Valerie Sarwark, wife of our national Chair, Nicholas Sarwark, and mom of three, recommends Little Dreams Come True.

Valerie says,

“As a mother of three very young children, trying to parent with the pressures of society and still maintaining a libertarian method of parenting is extremely challenging. I love Little Dreams Come True because it teaches mindfulness to both the child and the parent and gives great lessons to teach that actions have consequences–something that, in my opinion, is one of the main underlying messages that is missing in this day and age. Little Dreams Come True is a wonderful, succinct book that would be an asset to any home with children.”

For a limited time, and while quantities last, the Libertarian Party is offering a free copy of this book to members who joins or renews their membership through this link.

Whether you are a parent yourself, or want this book to pass along to a friend, you’ll find it to be a unique spin on an important topic.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

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