New York Assembly Candidate Interviewed by ABC TV Affiliate

Thomas Quiter

Thomas Quiter

Thomas Quiter, candidate for the New York assembly in district 52 in a one-on-one race with the Republican incumbent, was recently interviewed by the Binghamton, New York ABC television affiliate WIVT, channel 34:

A new candidate has thrown his hat into the ring for a seat in the New York State Senate.

Thomas Quiter , from Mount Upton, is running as a Libertarian candidate, and has lots of plans.

Quiter, who has a rare disease called Osteogenesis imperfecta, and has suffered many broken bones because of it, is aiming to help those who also have disabilities.

His main focuses are to better assist the disabled and bolster the local economy, noting the struggles small businesses have been having during the COVID crisis.

The candidate says a real disabilities system must help those who suffer from something they cannot control.

“There is an interestingly little known fact that New York State, on the books, has an office for advocacy for those with disabilities, and I have dealt with similar offices in other states for other people. However, in New York, when the justice center reorganized, it ceased to function. That’s actually in the handbook of most non-profits that serve those with disabilities,” says Quiter.

Among Quiter’s campaign slogans is “Always Quiter, Never Quitter, Rarely Quieter.”

Quiter is running for the New York State Senate seat number 52, which is currently held by Republican Fred Akshar.

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