A Libertarian song for the tax filing blues

For Immediate Release Monday, April 14, 2014

It’s springtime! So many great things to do. Going to festivals. Watching kids play ball. Breathing in the sweet smell of flowers blooming.

But wait …

Many of us miss out on these pleasures because we’re inside searching for receipts, toiling over tax forms, and scrambling to find an accountant.

What’s worse, some of us have to write big fat checks to the IRS and/or a state government treasury — on top of the thousands of dollars they already took from our paychecks.

Misery loves company. Or a sarcastic, biting song that says how we really feel about filing taxes.

So take a break and watch the video of LP Political Director Carla Howell’s tax song “How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes?”

Then take heart! Because many Libertarians are running for office this year to:

  • END their state income tax
  • END the federal income tax
  • Abolish the IRS
  • Balance the federal budget
  • Give back thousands of dollars to taxpayers — every year — that they now pay in taxes.