Libertarian Party asks Congress to give everyone a ‘Tim Geithner tax break’

For Immediate Release Monday, January 26, 2009

Nominee’s problems a sign tax code should be scrapped

Washinton, D.C. — Congress should give all taxpayers a ‘Tim Geithner tax break’ by significantly simplifying the Internal Revenue Code, Libertarian National Committee chairman Bill Redpath said Monday.

‘Congress should make sure what happened to Mr. Geithner, a finance professional, won’t continue to happen to millions of average folks,’ said Redpath.

‘If the man running the IRS can’t understand the tax code with a computer helping him, how can the average taxpayer hope to do his taxes without breaking the law?,’ asked Redpath.

‘This should be a clear signal the Internal Revenue Code is broken beyond repair and must be repealed. Millions of taxpayers hope this new administration will bring meaningful change to federal tax laws,’ said Redpath.

Redpath asked Congress to scrap the Internal Revenue Code and replace it with a fair, simple system that doesn’t require professional accountants or complex software.

Geithner faces criticism for not paying self-employment taxes while working as a contractor for the International Monetary Fund. Geithner claims it was an honest error made while calculating his taxes using a popular tax preparation software program.

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