Libertarians decry Blue Dog deal on government-controlled health care

For Immediate Release Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Revised bill is ‘delayed-onset government control’

WASHINGTON — America’s third largest party Tuesday criticized Blue Dog Democrat Caucus leaders for finalizing a deal with party leadership on a September vote on the proposed health care reform bill before heading back to their districts to meet with constituents.

The compromise claims to remove some costs, reduce the employer mandate requirements to provide health care to employees and change the so-called ‘public option’ in the initial draft of the bill in exchange for an agreement to hold a vote when Congress reconvenes in September. Libertarians point out the deal is simply ‘delayed-onset government control’ as the offensive provisions will simply be added once the bill is passed.

‘This compromise makes the eventual government control of your health care even more likely,’ said Donny Ferguson, Libertarian National Committee Communications Director. ‘Congress wants to make it look like government-controlled health care is off the table so they can just get something passed. Once it’s law, all it takes is a few quick amendments to get the government-controlled system they wanted all along. It’s delayed-onset government control.’

‘Don’t be fooled by the crocodile tears of the Progressive Caucus. Their objections are meant to make it look like their wildly unpopular plans to eliminate private health insurance are dead. They know this deal makes the elimination of private insurance even more of a reality by making it easier to pass the bill,’ said Ferguson.

Blue Dogs also claim credit for loosening employer mandates. The original draft included language requiring employers with a payroll over $100,000 to provide health insurance to employees. The compromise increases that threshold to $500,000.

‘Every employer in America knows what’s going to happen because it’s happened with every other bill. They’ll claim defeat so the looser mandate can pass, then once it’s law amend one number to get what they wanted all along,’ said Ferguson.

‘There are many problems with our current health care system, but this compromise still leads to a government-run health care system that maximizes what’s wrong with the current system and eradicates what works,’ said Ferguson.

‘Libertarians aren’t fooled, and neither are the millions of independent voters who live in Democrat districts. More and more Americans are finding out the devilish details of this plan and they’ll hold accountable on Election Day anyone who supports it,’ said Ferguson. ‘The only way to make health care affordable and universally available is to defeat this bill entirely. Then we can start brand new negotiations on solutions that work,’ said Ferguson.

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