LP Chair Geoffrey Neale to address European libertarians in Spain

For Immediate Release Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LP Chair Geoffrey Neale to address Spanish LP As part of a European tour, U.S. Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey J. Neale will be the featured speaker at a conference hosted by the Individual Freedom Party (P-LIB), the Spanish equivalent of the U.S. Libertarian Party, on Nov. 6 in Madrid.

Neale’s tour, which will include stops in Russia and Germany, coincides with the emergence of a new pan-European party — the European Party for International Liberty (EPIL) — which aims to advance libertarian policy in Europe.

A distinguished panel of libertarian leaders will speak at the conference and will pose questions for Chair Neale, followed by an open discussion with conference participants. The panelists are:

  • Juan Ramn Rallo, an Austrian school economist and media pundit who writes for several newspapers and regularly appears on radio and TV. He is the director of the Instituto Juan de Mariana, the main Austrian school think tank in Spain.
  • Jos Carlos Rodrguez, chief editor of The Gazette International ( La Gaceta ) daily newspaper.
  • Roald Schoenmakers, secretary of international relations for P-LIB and provisional chair of EPIL.

Spanish P-Lib affiliate chairs from Andaluca, Basque Country, Valencia, and Catalonia will travel to Madrid for the event, as will representatives from other European libertarian organizations.

Juan Pina, President of P-LIB, will introduce Neale. A private dinner with Neale is being offered to supporters and affiliates as part of the program after the conference.

Several radio, national TV, and national newspaper outlets will interview Neale on the day of the conference. He will also meet with libertarian leaders to discuss strategy on November 5.

The Utrecht Declaration and Covenant of European Classical Liberal and Libertarian Parties was signed on Sept. 28 in the Netherlands by Libertarian representatives from France, Germany, Holland, and Spain to form EPIL.

P-Lib conference organizers are billing Neale’s appearance as “a great honor” and refer to him as “the head of the first expressly libertarian political party on earth, the Libertarian Party of the United States of America.”

Neale will share with conference attendees the evolution of the U.S. Libertarian Party, and will express his desire for libertarians around the world to unite in mutual support.

“We’re thrilled to see the formation of libertarian parties in Europe, and welcome them with open arms,” Neale said. “Unlike our imperialist masters in the United States, we seek partnership with our European allies and wish them every success.”

Neale is encouraged by recent and proposed independence movements in Europe, from Slovakia to Great Britain.

“Several European countries are making great strides in a libertarian direction,” he said. “We’re on the cusp of a global libertarian movement.”

The conference will be held at the VP El Madroo in the Salamanca district of Madrid.

The entire conference will be conducted in English. Both English and Spanish versions of Neale’s speech will be distributed at the event.

Reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis by calling P-Lib at 666 11 24 24, or by sending an email to eventos@p-lib.es .